Vuostilferánat : I have chosen not to live in a colonized body

Programming February - April 2024

Jiennagoahti presents a replay of the first episode of the podcast “Vuostildanfearánat – Sámi stories of resistance”, where host Tuula Sharma Vassvik talks to actors Kristin Regine Solberg and Sarakka Gaup about their connections to nature, Sámi language, and family – ways of strengthening our culture and knowledge. The conversation focuses on the body and knowledge, on movement and ritual, and on embodying resistance and survivance. (surviving and thriving).





Sarakka’s father Ailo Gaup, (nbl.snl.no/Ailo_Gaup)


Linnea Axelsson’s book ”Ædnan”, (snl.no/Linnea_Axelsson)


”Vuoiŋŋalašvuohta” by Tuula Sharma Vassvik, (www.mdpi.com/2077-1444/11/10/512)


The Arctic Railway, plans have been recently paused, (www.arctictoday. com/lapland-regiona…arctic-railway/)

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