Program Intro

The sound-works presented in Jiennagoahti in 2024 are curated by Sážžá Káhtariinná/Katarina Dorothea Isaksen, a Bergen-based artist/filmmaker from Sážža/Senja and artist/composer Elin Már Øyen Vister (NO), based on Røst in Lofoten/Lofuohtta, Sábme (Northern Norway).


The Borealis 2024 programming will be available on the Jiennagoahti ipod until the end of June.


1.  Margrethe Pettersen – Sanselig samhørighet

2. Margrethe Pettersen – Láibmat


Regular programming (track on ipod):


3. Jiennagoahti – a part of Sámi history in Bergen/Birgon

(Produced by Tuula Sharma Vassvik, and son also composed the musical material)


4. Vuostilferánat – I have chosen not to live in a colonized body

(Replay of the first episode of the podcast “Vuostildanfearánat – Sámi stories of resistance” by Tuula Sharma Vassvik)




Visual art (dajdda) and duodji:

As part of Jiennagoahtis’s inauguration, we received funding from  Sámediggi-The Sámi parliament to acquire art-and duoddji works by Joar Nango, Unna Girje Gumpi, a guest book by Hans Ragnar Mathisen, Čohkkát-gáma by Máret Rávdna Buljo and a rákkas (sleeping tent) created by Katarina Spik Skum. More info and images to follow here soon.


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